Table 2

Summary characteristics of the six databases used in this metaresearch study of Equus. See text for discussion of iDigBio, PBDB, and GBIF and Supplementary Document 1 for VertNet, BISON, and Neotoma.

Table 2
  • * M, million(s); K, thousands(s); as of February 2016.

  • V, vouchered specimen in repository; O, occurrence record (not vouchered, or indirectly vouchered).

  • Using DwC BasisofRecord when applicable (iDigBio, GBIF, VertNet, Bison).

  • § Mandated by BISON mission.

  • Records include many different kinds of data related to, e.g., vertebrate faunal remains, paleobotany, invertebrates, geochemistry, stratigraphy and geochronology. They do not refer to vouchered museum specimens like some of the other databases.